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EXPERTISE | Company law

Company law as core mission

A company is an independent and sustained organisation within which one or more persons produce goods or services using material and immaterial tools against payment of a remuneration calculated on profitability.

Wide-ranging company law includes all of the rules concerning the company’s articles of association and the instruments – statutory, contractual and otherwise – the company possess itself and in relation to other companies for realising its objectives, as well as the rules concerning the actions of companies and the government relating to the market, with the aim or as a consequence of influencing market events.

Jurisprudence of company law

Developing a corporate activity requires considerable time, work and dedication; we don’t have to tell you this. This will inevitably also lead to headaches. We are able to relieve these legal headaches in advance by assisting you with suitable advice that will make the difference between success and failure in that split second when everything has to be put into order. Let us help you within our core mission, allowing you to focus fully on your mission as a business.

Our expertise as company lawyers

A selection of our Legal expertise as company law specialists:

  • Revising and drafting terms and conditions of sale and purchase
  • Payment arrears and recovery
  • Consumer law
  • Trade contracts & Distribution law
  • Liability law
  • Trade intermediaries (agency, trade representation, concession, franchise, etc.)
  • Product liability

Company takeovers

A company takeover may involve both the acquisition or the transfer of an entire enterprise or of an independent business unit. Selling a family business, taking over a SME, purchasing based on bankruptcy or strategically buying out a competitor. There are many kinds of company takeovers, and they occur for various reasons. The most common is the acquisition of all shares or all activities within a transport of the business activities.

Our corporate lawyers assist you throughout the entire takeover chain: the initial contact, the negotiation phase, a memorandum of understanding (MOU), the letter of intent (LOI), the final agreement and eventually the post-closing formalities. Both as a standalone and within a multidisciplinary team of legal experts, accountants and change-management professionals.

Vanhoucke Law is happy to assist, should you require any legal advice and/or guidance.

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