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EXPERTISE | Construction law

Vanhoucke Law – passion for property

Just as architecture is entwined with all other arts and sciences, the rules of construction law are dependent on all branches of law. Throughout this tangle of legal rules, with our expertise gained over three decades we assist sellers, buyers, co-ownership associations, contractors, promoters and all other professionals in every facet of their major and minor construction projects.

Whatever your capacity is or whether this involves operating, developing, purchasing or selling property, we offer you a all-encompassing legal service. Our approach entails both prevention and advice, and assistance in the event of disputes.

A constructive approach regarding construction law

Using the philosophy of ‘good agreements, good friends’ as a starting point, our team offers you advice that is indispensable for optimising your real-estate assets, preventing disputes and peace of mind. We provide you with input for preventing/resolving problems and optimising profit, concerning drafting and monitoring all kinds of agreements, including:

  • sales agreements on plan
  • contractor agreements
  • architect agreements.

We advise and offer you assistance with:

  • valuations
  • managing co-ownerships
  • construction works: including concerning successive deliveries and checking final payments
  • guarantee disputes
  • disputes concerning 10-year liability

Vanhoucke Law as construction-law lawyer: preventive action is worthwhile

A construction project has significant financial implications for the assets of all parties involved, meaning arguments are often inevitable. Avoiding these, at least making agreements clear, is therefore of vital importance.

We assist you in the pre-contractual phase, either by converting your wishes into an agreement, or checking the agreements submitted to you for signing. Clauses are critically scrutinised, yet with the aim of reaching a realistic negotiation position that does not impede collaboration, but rather ensures it has a good start and progression.

Provisions relating to delay penalties, execution terms, alternative execution methods, invoicing and state progress deserve particular attention.

As a client what you want is a clear result for transparent price within the period proposed.

As a contractor you want to keep the deadline arrangements realistic, clear agreements concerning cooperation and any alterations, and, of course, you attempt to also include the obligations subscribed to the client in your contracts with subcontractors.

As a subcontractor, you are prepared to cooperate with a greater whole, yet with clear agreements concerning coordination, and without becoming the victim of agreements between the contractor and client.

A clear agreement prevents a great deal of problems, and – should these occur – helps resolve these problems swiftly.

Legal and extralegal dispute settlement concerning construction

Disputes cannot always be avoided, and we also assist you should that be the case. When should legal proceedings in fact be avoided and when not? We seek out the best solution with you, straightaway.

We assist you in legal and arbitration disputes, as well as procedures for the construction reconciliation commission, concerning:

  • breach of contract
  • recovering unpaid invoices
  • compensation for delays
  • liabilities for construction faults
  • guarantee disputes

Vanhoucke Law is happy to assist, should you require any legal advice and/or guidance. Please get in touch with us. We help you work toward your interests.