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Vanhoucke Law is a law firm located in the centre of Antwerp, at Anselmostraat 2. Vanhoucke Law was founded in 1989 by Guy Vanhoucke and Ann Verkest, has since then grown into a law firm renowned in the field of company law and insolvency law.

Vanhoucke Law’s lawyers possess extensive legal expertise and experience.

Whether they like it or not, all companies have to deal with company law, since they come into contact with suppliers, clients and competitors, and of course have to deal with the government. The lawyers at Vanhoucke Law are happy to assist business people, both soul traders and those acting in form of a company, to get to grips with the legal challenges confronting them.

Vanhoucke Law’s expertise is in the following fields:

One lawyer as your single contact

Within Vanhoucke Law we offer complete answers for the legal issues you face, and specific solutions for the legal problems you encounter. We like to act as your service provider, as well as a consultant.

Our vision is that we resolve your problems, and furthermore predict and prevent future problems. We focus fully on your interests by means of our considerable expertise, experience and a feel for diplomacy.

At Vanhoucke Law, your interests come first. We appoint a team within Vanhoucke Law that meets your company’s needs, and that you can use as a fixed contact point. Please get in touch to learn more.

Legal knowledge and sense of diplomacy with mediation

Vanhoucke Law has legal experience and a feel for diplomacy for assisting you in conflict situations and in the event of tensions and disputes. Vanhoucke Law offers you insight into the most significant legal aspects, regulations, main principles and processes of mediation. We guide you in protecting your interests by means of mediation techniques and instruments.