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EXPERTISE | Property law

Why property law?

Civil property law encompasses a range of disciplines involving acquiring, transferring and managing immovable property and, for instance, this goes beyond mere rental law.

The diversity of interests and the scope of the risks make property law a complicated playing field. The market parties – such as real-estate companies, investors, project developers, contractors, corporations and governments‎ – do not always share interests in shared processes.

Jointly seeking out solutions, also for instance concerning neighbour law

You are better off not entering into fairly complex processes in property as a party acting alone. You usually have to deal with a variety of parties, and run into a many different issues. A partner such as Vanhoucke Law offers you the added value you are looking for.

Purely in terms of contracts, we think about negotiations, licence applications, rental, sales and contracting agreements, and agreements with estate agents, architects and building managers. Almost every process covers so many different sub-areas that it becomes difficult for you to examine all of the legal consequences.

However, you may soon find yourself in a conflict situation with neighbours extra-contractually in which legal intervention from Vanhoucke Law makes the difference.

Vanhoucke Law offers lawyers specialising in property law for your legal challenge

Vanhoucke Law has gained a wealth of knowledge in all legal aspects of property law, and assist private individuals as well as construction companies, co-ownership associations, estate agents and insurers concerning real-estate brokerage including deontological procedures for the Professional Institute of Estate Agents (BIV), apartment co-ownership, rental law, purchase/sales agreements and rights in rem such as leasehold, building and planting rights, usufruct and easements.

Vanhoucke Law has, furthermore, accrued unique expertise through cross-pollination between our expertise on property with that concerning insolvency. Every day, we advise clients in a wide range of issues, based on the conclusion that even the most detailed text does not always offer advice when, for example, a superficiary holder is undergoing an insolvency procedure.

Vanhoucke Law is happy to assist, should you require any legal advice and/or guidance. Please get in touch with us. We help you work toward your interests.