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EXPERTISE | Rent law and Rental contracts

Having a rental contract drafted

Are you renting? Are you letting?

As a tenant/letter, you need to be flexible and prepared today to respond to any requirements tomorrow.

That means your options have to be open in managing your property in general and when concluding the rental contract in particular – usually for the longer term. After all, you might already be confronted with a situation you were unable to anticipate over the duration of the rental agreement. At that moment, a well -drafted text can often provide you an unexpected solution. Vanhoucke Law offers extensive expertise and years of experience in drawing up rent/letting agreements concerning residential, commercial and industrial property.

The rental agreement: Vanhoucke Law offers legal expertise and experience

The statutory rules concerning renting or letting are complicated, and court rulings often depend on the specific circumstances of the case and the parties’ interests.

While a court decision can frequently offer the long-awaited outcome, it is sometimes in your best interests to look at a practical outcome. In that regard, we examine our clients’ unique position and guide them through the multifaceted challenges confronting them daily and in the long term relating to their property and rental agreements.

In doing so, we at all times attempt to balance business interests, legal feasibility and costs with each other.

Disputes and providing advice concerning rent law

Stringent and frequently changing statutory regulations mean legal advice is not just a luxury.

Should problems arise and there is a dispute with your tenant/letter, in the first instance we attempt to come to an amicable arrangement. After all, there is often a relationship, commercial or otherwise, between the parties that should preferably be continued.

Should legal proceedings prove necessary, if needed we will also perform a procedure regarding termination or extension of the rental agreement, eviction, rental price or maintenance.

We are happy to be at your disposal concerning residential lease contracts, commercial or general rental, and also think with you ‘outside the box’ if none of these fixed forms serve your specific file.

Vanhoucke Law is happy to assist, should you require any legal advice and/or guidance. Please get in touch with us.

We help you safeguard your interests.