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EXPERTISE | Financial law and sureties

What do we mean by financial law?

As a legal area, financial law covers a range of financial transactions, credit provision and surety structures grafted onto these.

The advice from our lawyers will most likely come in useful when issues involving financial law are involved, since false steps are easily made and the risks associated with this are in many cases considerable. The laws and rules in the area of finance are highly extensive, extremely complex and, moreover, constantly in flux. No company is able to survey all of this.


For the non-specialist, sureties – to be subdivided into personal and collateral sureties – constitute a difficult final element when negotiating, interpreting and enforcing agreements. Terms such as cost-free guarantee, mortgage authority, several, etc. Are complex and demand particular attention.

Vanhoucke Law guides you through this minefield, enabling you to make your decisions with insight into the issues.

Added value regarding financial law and sureties

What is our added value in financial law?

Vanhoucke Law possesses the relevant experience and expertise in this subject for assisting clients regarding recovery dossiers based on credit exceedances, loans, movable and immovable seizures, mortgage foreclosure, seizure of goods and pledge capitalisation, foreclosure of guarantees and co-debtors, etc.

Every financial interest served

Compared with defending the interests of credit institutions and other claimants, those of private individuals and companies against whom protective measures were taken, whose loans were suspended or terminated, who were called in as guarantor or against whom an implementation procedure has commenced.