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EXPERTISE | Corporate law

Do you want to set up a company? Or do you want to leave or dissolve one? Vanhoucke Law would be happy to help you with this.

Corporate Law and shares

Corporate law is in the realm of Private Law, and specifically Company Law, which regulates the operation of companies. This also includes the mutual legal relationships between the shareholders/partners.

A company is an organisational form with the principal aim of achieving profit for the company’s owners. The legal form chosen for the company to a large extent determines the relationships between the shareholders/partners and their personal liability.

Due diligence investigation and shareholder agreement

Vanhoucke Law offers you a complete legal service covering both the preventive phase, in which we assist you in negotiations and drafting agreements, and the reactive phase, in which we secure you rights in both legal and extralegal proceedings.

Our lawyers assist various companies, shareholders and managers with professional advice and guide them day-to-day in making major and minor decisions. Carefully selecting the company form most suitable for you, drafting the articles of association, shareholder agreements and other accessory contracts are matters you cannot leave to chance, and in which we are able to offer added value. We want to protect your company, you yourself as a manager or director or as a shareholder as much as possible against all possible risks.

We will be happy to provide you assistance the case of founding, a merger, a capital changes or any restructuring whatsoever.

Director’s liability

The rules concerning director’s liability relate to the substantive interpretation of the director’s duties. After all, based on these rules a director must perform directorial duties with the utmost care under penalty of liability, without furthermore losing sight of the fact any company entails an inherent risk, and that a certain degree of policy margin is thus necessary.

As a director, you can incur liability for a mere management error, violating the Companies Act or the articles of association, acquiring illegal financial benefits, illegal actions, manifest gross errors contributing toward bankruptcy, tax or social security debts, etc.

An almost bewildering minefield of civil and criminal liabilities in which we’re happy to be of assistance, whether or not in consultation with additional experts for each specific domain.

Vanhoucke Law is happy to assist, should you require any legal advice and/or guidance. Please get in touch with us. We help you work toward your interests.